Design Pattern: Abstract Factory Pattern in PHP

Abstract factory pattern is used when we need multiple factories which produce related but different sets of objects. This pattern is generally used in relatively larger applications that deal with lots of classes of related classes but can be divided into multiple groups based on some criteria. This article discusses the Abstract Factory pattern implementations in PHP.

Redis Tutorials

Redis is an in-memory data structure storage system. The term REDIS represents Remote Dictionary Server. Here is the list of Redis tutorials.

Design Pattern: Factory Pattern in PHP

Factory pattern helps to separate the creator of the objects from the object classes. The creator/factory is responsible for generating objects. Factory implementation process is not strict or predefined. The implementation depends on how we want to identify different objects and generate those. In this article we are demonstrating the Factory pattern implementation in PHP programming language.

Redis: Key Management

Redis is a key-based data structure storage system. This a key-value storage system, where we don’t have any table or rows or columns like a relational database. The whole modeling/storing/retrieving of data depends on the key. So naming the key becomes very important. Here is how to effectively name keys in a Redis database.

Design Pattern: Template Method Pattern in Go

Using Template Method Pattern we can write part of an algorithm in our implementation and the rest of it is executed in abstraction. So our implementation will replace/rewrite only some steps of the full process. This article demonstrates Template Method pattern implementations in Golang.

Design Pattern: Visitor Pattern in Go

Visitor pattern moves some logic of certain types of objects to an external entity(named the visitor), and that external entity/visitor is responsible for performing operations on the object. This pattern separates the logic to work with certain types of objects. This article demonstrates Visitor pattern implementations in GoLang.

Design Pattern: Strategy Pattern in Go

Strategy pattern is used to decide between choosing an algorithm from a bunch of algorithms (that serve the same purpose). This pattern encapsulates the complexity and makes is easier for the client to choose and use an algorithm. This article demonstrates Strategy pattern implementations in Go.

Design Pattern: Visitor Pattern in TypeScript

Visitor pattern allows detailed implementation of methods in concrete classes, and also ensures a common interface for visiting different implementations. This article demonstrates Visitor pattern implementations in TypeScript.

Design Pattern: Template Method Pattern in TypeScript

In Template Method pattern we have some abstract methods(or methods with default implementation), and the actual implementation is done in the subclasses. This is used when there are similar algorithms, but with different steps in implementation. This article demonstrates Template Method pattern implementations in TypeScript.