Here are all the important resources that can help us to study further. These resources include different technology standards, research papers, etc. Resources are divided into sections and all the resources contain a mirror resource, in case the original one is not available at the time you are checking.

Server-Sent Events(SSE)

W3/WhatWG Server-Sent Events(SSE) Standard

W3/WhatWG standard for Server-Sent Events(SSE).


Here are some important resources for WebSockets

W3/WhatWG WebSockets Standard

W3/WhatWG standard for WebSockets.

RFC 6455 – The WebSocket Protocol

The WebSocket Protocol definition – [RFC 6455]


RFC 7159- JSON Data Interchange Format

The JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Data Interchange Format – [RFC 7159]


ECMAScript Language Specification

JavaScript standard defined as ECMAScript, 14th edition- [ECMA-262]

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