Design Patterns

Design Patterns are solutions to common/general problems while designing software. In this article we are discussing what design patterns are, the type and use-cases.

MySQL: Check Database and Table Size

This process will work in all cases, whether you are accessing your database through the command line or using any GUI tool (like MySQL Workbench or HeidiSQL). Because the size-related information is already saved in a specific MySQL table. Check the table named “TABLES” from the database “information_schema”, you will find all the information related to the sizes of the tables.

Design Pattern: Factory Pattern

Factory pattern is one of the most popular and commonly used patterns. When we don’t know what is the type of object that is going to be generated then we use the Factory pattern to create objects based on some criteria.

Design Pattern: Singleton Pattern

Singleton pattern is used to ensure that only one instance of a class is created in any case, and whenever you want to get an instance of that class, then the same object instance is returned.

JavaScript: this

If you are working with JavaScript for a while, you will agree with me. This ‘this’ keyword is very confusing when you are writing code, especially when you read others’ … Read More