MySQL: CAST any Data Type as INTEGER

To CAST any data type to Integer in MySQL, you need to CAST it as SIGNED (for getting a signed integer) or UNSIGNED (for getting unsigned integer).

MySQL: Check Database and Table Size

This process will work in all cases, whether you are accessing your database through the command line or using any GUI tool (like MySQL Workbench or HeidiSQL). Because the size-related information is already saved in a specific MySQL table. Check the table named “TABLES” from the database “information_schema”, you will find all the information related to the sizes of the tables.

SQL Tips: Select Latest Record for Each Group

In this article, we are discussing the process of getting the latest records for each group using SQL. For the demonstration, we have some data in a table (check the table below). In the table, there is entry_id, which is the primary key, there is city which is the name of the city, there is date, and rain_measurement.