Redis Tutorials

Redis is an in-memory data structure storage system. The term REDIS represents Remote Dictionary Server. Here is the list of Redis tutorials.

Redis: Key Management

Redis is a key-based data structure storage system. This a key-value storage system, where we don’t have any table or rows or columns like a relational database. The whole modeling/storing/retrieving of data depends on the key. So naming the key becomes very important. Here is how to effectively name keys in a Redis database.

Redis: Password Authentication(AUTH) [Default User]

After installing the Redis server, our next task is to set up the authentication. In this article we are discussing- how to set a password for the default user in Redis. The default user name for Redis is “default”. The basic steps of authentication will work for the “default” user.

Redis: Installation [Docker / Linux / MacOS / Windows]

In this article, we are discussing different installation methods/processes of Redis. First, we are discussing the installation of Redis using Docker. This will work on major operating systems, as docker is available in all common OS. Then we are discussing the installation process on specific operating systems – Linux (Ubuntu), MacOS, and Windows.