Redis Command: HSET

Create a new hash and set fields, or change the existing value of field(s) of a hash. If the key does not exist then it will be created. If the field does not exist then it will be created. And if the field exists then the value will be overwritten.

Redis Command: RESTORE

Restore data from a serialized(by DUMP command) data. This command creates a key, unserializes the provided data, then stores the value for the key. The expiration time of the original key is not contained in the data, so that is not contained in the created key. RDB version and data checksum are checked before restoring data.

Redis Command: DUMP

Serialize the value of a key, in a specific format. We can use the serialize value to later recreate/restore the value. Redis command RESTORE can be used for the restoration. The encoding format is the same as the format used for the RDB file. RDB version is also added in the encoded value.

Redis Command: BLPOP

BLPOP extracts/pops an item from the Left/HEAD of the first non-empty list. This is a blocking operation, so if no item is available in the provided list, this command will wait.

Redis Command: LTRIM

Trim a Redis list, and remove items from the list from one or both end(s). We provide a starting and ending index for the trim and the items outside that window are removed. If all items are removed while trimming, then the list is deleted. Indexes are Zero(0) based.

Redis Command: LREM

Remove items from a list. We can provide a argument, in that case, the command will remove number of occurrences of the item. If all the items of the list are removed by this command, then the list is deleted.

Redis Command: LSET

Change/replace value at a specific index of a list. For the command to work there should be an existing list, with some items and we can only change items that are already set(have an index). Both positive and negative indexes will work for this command. Index is zero(0) based. So the first item is considered at index Zero(0).

Redis Command: LPOP

LPOP removes the first element from the Left/HEAD of the list and then returns it. Count is an optional argument provided for the command, this is used to pop multiple items. If the list has no element left after executing the LPOP command, then the list is deleted after the item(s) popped.

Redis Command: LMPOP

LMPOP command pops one or more items from list(s). This operation can be performed on multiple lists. In case of multiple lists, the pop operation will be performed on the first non-empty list. This command is useful when we have multiple lists serving similar purposes, and we want to pop items from any of the lists if there are items in it.

Redis Command: LPOS

Get the index of item(s) in the list, which matches the provided item. Operation can be performed starting from the HEAD or from the TAIL. This command is useful for checking the position/index of an item in the list, and also useful for checking the existence of an item in the list. Index of the list item is Zero based. The first item is at index Zero(0). If the command does not return (nil). Instead, return some index value (can be zero) which means the item exists in the list.