Design Pattern: Adapter Pattern in PHP

Adapter pattern is used to convert the interface of a class to another interface, so that the existing class can be adapted to the desired new behavior. This way an existing class can adapt to a new functionality with any direct change to it. Sometimes we want to use some existing class(es), for some functionality, but the interface of the classes does not match with the new requirement. Adapter pattern is used in that case. This article is about Adapter pattern implementations in PHP.

Design Pattern: Adapter Pattern in Go

Adapter pattern helps by enabling an interface to adapt to a new interface. This is useful when we have an existing interface, and some new requirement comes or we need to adapt to some interface that is developed separately. By following the Open/Closed principle, the adapter pattern keeps the existing interface as is, ads the adapter implementation as a bridge to then new interface. This article demonstrates Adapter pattern implementations in Go.